High School Announcements

Friday, December 8, 2023
Day 72 – B Day

  1. LOST & FOUND: If you lost a set of air pods, please come to the HS Office to claim
  2. PROM MEETINGS: Mondays 7:35 am, in Ms. Hedlund’s Room #204.
  3. YEARBOOK MEETINGS: Wednesday 7:35 am, Ms. Hedlund’s Room #204.
  4. Emmett’s CDE Practices:
    Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: BIG Team
    Tuesday and Thursday: Fish and Wildlife 
  5. School Counselor’s Events:
  • December 11 th : National Guard Presentation for Juniors.
  1. DETENTION will be on Tuesday, December 12, at 3:05 pm with Mrs. Pietig in Room #203.
  2. FFA Fruit Delivery!
  • The FFA Fruit will come in on Friday, Dec. 15 th .
  • Members make arrangements to pick up your orders by 5:30 pm on that Friday!
  1. SENIOR QUOTES DUE BY 12/17 to Ms. Hedlund (before Christmas Break).