Mrs. Deb Reinarts

Room 114 across from the band and choir rooms in west area of the school



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Syllabus by Course  



Homework and General Information

All students sign a lab safety contract which will be placed on file in my classroom for the remainder of the school year. They receive full instruction of lab skills and safety measures to be followed. Violations of these will be addressed by warning, detention,removal from class, no credit, or suspension if necessary. Parents/guardians are invited to ask the student to see the lab safety sheet received, or feel free to contact me if you have questions. Thank you.

Parents: You can check your student's progress online via Infinite Campus as well as connecting to the Schoology and Showbie Parent Access Codes to monitor progress of standards based scores, practice/ skills , and see feedback from me for assignments not completed, assessments that could be done for higher scores, etc. Please have your son or daughter fill in the retake ticket found in their Resources Folder in Schoology.

Contact the High School Office for access to our Infinite Campus if you do not have access to the parent portal.  I update  Infine Campus regularly.  Feel free to contact me via email or phone call if there are any concerns or questions.


1st period- LIFE SCIENCE 7
2nd period- LIFE SCIENCE 7
Mid Morning Break
3rd period- BIOLOGY 10
4th period- BIOLOGY 10
5th period- PHYSICAL SCIENCE 9
7th A & B- prep, YES! Team work with students, working with students in resource rooms

11th  Grade Advisory


Youth Eco Soultions- Yes! Team Sleepy Eye Updates

Join the YES! Youth Eco Solutions Team for the 2018-19 School Year!

Goals of this year members is to continue with the regional award winning projects and implement new action projects of student interests. See the following web site to learn more about YES! and see what great things are accomplished by our local Sleepy Eye team and regionally.

 We are involved in our community and schools.. Any 8th-12th grader is welcome to join as a core member, active member, or just involved in projects and activities of individual interest. Our projects are school and community driven.  Members can choose to be as active as they wish with the intiatives.