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Safety & Facilities Meeting Minutes


Safety/Facility  Committee

August  14, 2014

Attending: Doug Domeier, Sheila Wurtzburger, Tim Harbo, John Cselovszki, Deb Hadley, John McGee, Bruce Lokensgard


Meeting called to order at 3:30 p.m. No meeting had been held in May.

Building reports

  • Uneven heat control was report by Supt Cselovszki
  • Commons area clean-up continues; retiled teacher workroom/lounge and Room157; health and safety training for staff



Old business

  • Waiting to overseed football field due to wet spring
  • Ended Tri-Valley services but billed once a year for grounds keeping
  • Gym finished; apoxy painted balcony floor
  • Finished motion censor lights for all of high school and cafeteria


New business

  • Not done with pipe wrapping and cleaning floors in basement
  • Garage sale was deemed successful as a lot of stuff not used in years was disposed of
  • Elementary sinks replace 12 faucets
  • Replaced one sink and four urinals in high school
  • Storage room - only one key for new locks
  • Looking for space for golf clubs to eliminate damage to concession area
  • Balcony supervision – need to keep kids out of balcony to eliminate any damage
  • School van maintenance – had them cleaned for $300


Amundson donation in memory of Tyler Hadley ($5,000) and John Mangen ($5,000). Deb would like it to be used in gym: maybe retractable hoops, signage, updating patio, putting roof on and lights , press box, conference flags and banners, speakers on football field for capital improvements, landscaping around football field


Bring all quotes and things together for next meeting to make a decision.


Next meeting:  Monday, September 8, 3:30 p.m.


Meeting adjourned at 4:21 p.m.

Note taker,

Sheila Wurtzberger