2021 Testing Update

2021 Testing Update

Dear Parents,

The Minnesota Assessments (ACCESS and MCA/MTAS) are required by both federal and state statute. The ACCESS is administered to all English Learner students in grades K-12 and MCA/MTAS to select grade levels in the areas of language arts, mathematics and science. As we begin our annual round of testing with students, we want to assure you that all recommended mitigation procedures will be followed by Sleepy Eye Public School. Students will be properly distanced, plastic screens will be made available and there will be a minimum number of students in each testing session. Additional staff will be trained to allow for smaller group settings. Parents have the option to not participate based on concerns for student health and safety due to COVID-19.

The health and safety protocols that will be followed will be guided by the Minnesota Department of Health’s 2020-21 Planning Guide for Schools. Sleepy Eye Public’s plan can be accessed here . The purpose of these tests is to monitor student growth, evaluate instruction and allow professionals to make informative curriculum planning decisions.
We are thankful for the relatively normal school year we have been able to provide and appreciate your continued commitment to the education of our youth.

Yours in Education,

Nancy Moore
District Assessment Coordinator

Questions and Concerns can be sent to our District Assessment Coordinator
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